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The Earth Blokes (aka Justin and Arman) are on a mission to make eco-living easy and fun. Over that last 4 years, both of them have been living on a plant-based diet with the aim of being more environmentally friendly.

The goal of their website is to act as a platform for them to showcase all of their favourite recipes, products reviews and their eco lifestyle living. Since the launch in January, the website has already received over 17,000 unique visitors. The website shows a perfect example of how great WordPress websites are optimised for SEO.

Arman Liew & Justin Holt
The Earth Blokes

“Jacobs work with us was second to none. Communication, speed and skill are truly hard to find in the web industry despite what many may tell you. His design work is simply outstanding and we’d recommend him to anyone!”

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Shopify Website Design

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